Why Choose Us?

We operate nationally from our offices in Johannesburg and have presence in Pretoria, Witbank, Durban and Pietermaritzburg. We provide and implement Occupational Health and Safety System that we maintain and measure using audits. We generate and compile Health and Safety Plans for Safety Files and align them to specifics and nature of business or construction project for construction sites.

 Attention is given to relevant Site Specifications as per client requirements. Below are some of the reasons why we are the company of choice:

Our Experience

We have an experienced and capable team of health and safety professionals have extensive knowledge of our business. They can relate their decades of experience to you in a friendly and professional manner.

Our Accreditation Credentials

We have accredited experts who are qualified to provide their expertise in the OHS Act 85/1993 and COID Act 130/1993 compliance. Their knowledge is constantly updated to meet the latest standards.

Value for Money

We always strive to ensure that we maintain lower overheads and we make sure that we always pass on savings direct to you. Our work also helps ensure that you incur lower insurance premiums as well as reduced risk of expensive legal claims against your company.

Our Clients Refer Us

We have many satisfied long-term customers who regularly recommend us for work via word of mouth.

Peace of Mind

As leaders in Occupational Health and Safety we offer you peace of mind by providing comprehensive, affordable services and advice.